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Commercial and Flat Roof Specialists in Wetumpka, AL

Commercial buildings and flat-roof structures are susceptible to a broader range of roof issues than a standard-slope residential roof. Therefore, commercial buildings require special attention from trained and specialized roofers to avoid common mistakes. Doing so ensures the roof can withstand the heaviest rains and strongest winds while providing good insulation. At Homesouth Roofing, we use our decades of experience to properly inspect and assess commercial roofs and provide proper repairs and reliable installations for business owners. Contact us for an estimate or an inspection today.

Worker preparing part of bitumen roofing felt roll

All the Services You Need Under One Roof

Homesouth Roofing offers a variety of services to serve all of your commercial building’s needs. We specialize in treating flat roofs to minimize leaks and pay close attention to vents and HVAC equipment that is often stored on the rooftop to ensure they’re adequately sealed. Contact us for:

Roofing Inspection

Periodic roof inspections should be done by trained professionals to stay ahead of any issues before they become too severe.

Commercial Roof Repairs

Roofing materials undergo a lot of strain from weather, sun, and wildlife. Some animals will chew through the most rigid materials looking for places to nest. We can repair damage from any of these issues.

Roofing Maintenance

Annual seasonal maintenance is a great way to proactively extend the life of your building’s roof and stay informed on the condition.

Commercial Roof Installations

We perform complete roof installations, whether it’s an old roof that needs to be replaced or you’re constructing a new building. Our team of professionals uses the proper materials for any style of commercial roof.

Call the Commercial Roofing Professionals

Don’t trust just any roofer with one of the most critical aspects of your property. Instead, contact the professionals at Homesouth Roofing in Wetumpka, AL for licensed and insured roofing services by contractors you can trust. We’ll tend to your property to ensure it’s prepared to withstand the type of winds and rain we see here in Alabama while providing superior insulation for lower energy expenses. Contact us for an estimate today.

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